Sunday, April 23, 2006


One of my dad's sisters called me today. Dad's aunt passed away on Saturday. She was 90. I haven't seen her in years but have always kept tabs on her through my aunt. My sister was always her favorite. I don't know when the funeral will be yet but I will probably go. Dad's other sister will be here today from Illinois. I'm looking forward to seeing her. Dad's aunts haven't seen Little Brother yet. I want to go today to Burlington Coat Factory and get him a new outfit. They have the cutest, inexpensive baby clothes.

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We went to dinner last night at Ameristar. Hubster got a comp for perfect attendance. Big Brother wanted to go to Kid's Quest so we dropped him off there and then took Little Brother with us to the Falcon Diner. We had a nice meal. Our waitress sucked though. The assistant manager made up for her lack of attention which was nice. I should have given him the tip instead of her.

Kid's Quest is a really neat place. We signed him in and were given a sticker with a bar code on it. Only we could get him out. They had the big climbing tubes, video games, a "cage" where the kids could play ball, a karaoke stage, and a small diner so he could eat. You set a spending limit for your child for food and when you pick them up, you pay for everything. It's normally $6.75 an hour but we got Hubster's discount. It's a little more expensive than a sitter but it was nice to know he was right there near us and had lots of "sitters" taking care of him.

We came home and watched some more Sopranos. I'm an addict. In the last week, we've watched seasons 1 and 2. Now we're starting season 3. We have season 4 left to go on DVD and are trying to get season 5 now. I love Tony Soprano because he's such a multi-dimensional character.

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