Thursday, December 21, 2006


Yes, I'm excited that Christmas will soon be over with. The stress will be relieved. The decorations will be put away and my house will be back to normal.


On a good note, I did get a job. I'll be starting Jan. 2nd. I'm really looking forward to being somewhere with adult conversation other than with my husband.

Conversations with him always go something like this:

Husband: "Did you get my uniforms done?"
Me: "Yes."
Husband: "What's for dinner?"
Me: "Can we order in?"
Husband: "Snore!!!!"

He always falls asleep on the couch after work these days. It's become his normal routine. I figured out last night why. He gets up after I go to sleep to check his email. Should I worry? Is he emailing someone he doesn't want me to know about? Or is he just surfing porn?
PS I'm really not liking this new blogger beta. It's so hard to work with.

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