Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm late posting this but I wanted to post it anyway so it's not forgotten.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I dropped off a bucket of baby clothes at Once Upon a Child. Their website said if you bring in good condition, name brand baby clothes, they will buy them on the spot.

So I took in my freshly laundered basket of Osh Kosh, Carters, Ralph Lauren, etc. into the store. She had me fill out a form to put with my basket. She said they'd call me over the weekend (WHAT?). I drove into Kansas, a 30 minute drive, to go to this store. So now I have to wait? OK. I was patient and figured it's a holiday weekend. I'll cut them some slack.

So Monday rolls around with no phone call. I called them and she said I'd have to come back out there so they could show me what they'd chosen and give me money for it.

I pack up the kids and drive BACK into Kansas to go to the store. I get there and she shows me they've chosen 5 items. FIVE????? That's all??? They gave me $12.80 for the items and gave me back my basket of clothes. What an incredible waste of my time. It cost me that much in gas alone to make the trip out there.

I wouldn't recommend this store to anyone. It's a waste of time and they're incredibly picky about the items they'll buy from you.

I also priced their clothing while I was there and it's expensive! I can get the same types of items at my local thrift store for no more than $2 per outfit! They were charging anywhere from $6 and up.

I think for the future I'll stick with the thrift store. Not to mention, the people are friendlier there than at Once Upon a Child.

NOTE: They'll be a good garage sale at my house next spring!

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