Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ok so yesterday got busy and I have to post the rest of the vacation in a second post. Here's a picture of the falls mentioned yesterday. It really was a beautiful place and the sound of the falls was just extraordinary. I took video and if I ever figure out how to post it, I will (Is there a "Posting video to internet for Dummies book?)

There were actually 2 waterfalls there. Above is the second fall. Below is the first. The area between them was shallow enough for a person to walk between them. The kids there were walking out to the top of the second fall and jumping off of it. It scared me at first because I didn't know how deep it was at the bottom of the fall.

Here's Gooey and I sitting on the rocks enjoying watching the falls. I can't help but sneak smooches whenever I can.

On our way leaving the falls, we caught this couple relaxing in their Hillbilly Hot Tub. We cracked up over this. I realize it was a really smart way to keep cool (it was so hot out) but how redneck can you get? The ducks were even swimming in amongst them.

This is Inspiration Point. It's a small spot on the side of the road with a plaque where someone dubbed in Inspiration Point. It's really a spectacular view. For those old enough to remember Happy Days, I did make Hubster give me a kiss.

After leaving Joplin, we took a wrong turn and ended up in Galena, Kansas. It was ok because we got to see some really nice houses (in the mulitmillion $ range) plus we drove on Old Rte 66. It amazes me how narrow highways were back then especially since cars were so much larger.

Our next stop was Ozark Village. It was the same as Ozarkland but a different name. We bought a shot glass for the collection.

We arrived in Springfield at about 8 and spent the rest of the evening resting and visiting with the IL's.

Saturday morning we went to the Green County Fair. I didn't take a lot of pictures. Let's just say it was too hot to do much. Bubba and I petted our first bull (we asked first and were told to do it very gently because bulls get aggitated easily. Who knew?). We walked through the stalls and looked at the cows, horses, and sheep. We met a woman with her 5 mth old cow that took 1st place the day before in her category. You know how they say people and their dogs start to look alike? Well, evidently it applies to people and their cows too.

You can see how hot it was at the fair by the looks on Gooey and Bubba's faces. Well, not so much Gooey. He was having a blast. Bubba griped the whole time about how bored he was.

Isn't Bubba's new hat just so cool?

Sunday, we ended our trip with a leisurely drive up Hwy 65 to Sedalia (where we stopped at the Russell Stover's outlet store. I think I gained 10 lbs just sniffing the air.) We drove through Knob Noster hoping Whiteman Airforce Base would be flying maneuvers but weren't so lucky. Whiteman is home to the Stealth Bomber and if you've never seen one in flight, you're missing out.

Our last stop was at a small ma n pa shop. I bought a neat little thing that hangs in your kitchen to hold plastic bags from the grocery store. You put them in the top then they dispense out the bottom. It's such a simple gadget but works so well. I also bought some seasonings.

The vacation was so much fun. We left the dog at home with the nieces because I didn't want to take the chance of leaving him tied to the bumper and forgetting. We also made it a point to not visit any aunts for fear they would want to ride along.

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