Monday, July 30, 2007


For our family vacation this year, we decided to take what we called Missouir's Lampoons Vacation. We drove from Kansas City to Joplin, stopping anywhere we felt like stopping and taking our time doing so.

We began the day at 8am, driving down hwy 71. Our first stop was a small Amish store (no clue what town it was in). They had beautiful quilts and hand made furniture. I bought a jar of "Million Dollar Pickles" that are just like the pickles my mom's aunt used to can.

Our next stop was the Precious Moments Chapel. We played at their park and walked the grounds. The flowers were amazing and the fountains were magnificent.
Bubba and Gooey admiring the fountain outside the Visitor's Center at the Precious Moments Chapel.

After the chapel, we zipped across the highway to Ozarkland. This is the prime place to buy just about every tacky souvenir ever made. We spent a small fortune on t-shirts, hats and candy.

For dinner we ate at the truck stop wherE CMT's Trick My Truck is filmed. Across the street from the truck stop is the Chrome Shop Mafia's shop. We once again spent a small fortune on t-shirts and spent some time talking with The Bossman's mom.

Next, we went to see Missouri's only waterfall, Grand Falls. (I'm not convinced this is the only waterfall in the big MO but until otherwise proven, I'll just go with it. It was as large as I had imagined, but it was still pretty spectacular.
Here are a few pictures of the falls:


Jenifer said...

You are much better than I am. I am such a planner there is no way I could go on a vacation like that. I would be having an anxiety attack the entire time!!

oh amanda said...

Fun! I love vacations where you find new things! Cute pics as usual.