Thursday, July 19, 2007


My blog buddy, Jenifer at Everybody Loves Raymond, tagged me for a fun meme! Well, she actually tagged me on Sunday but, hey, I'm lazy slow. Enough chit-chat, on to the meme!

The 5 things MEME:

5 things in my refridgerator-

1. 3 bottles of Miller Chill. We tried the Michelob Light version Saturday and I drank them like a sailor sipped on one and enjoyed it. On the way home the next day, we stopped at the store and got the Millers. They aren't as tasty as the Michelob kind. Hubster drank one and I drank 2!

2. An almost empty gallon jug of milk. We go through milk like most people go through air. Hey, Milk it Does a Body Good!

3. A bottle of Ott's honey mustard salad dressing. It's just YUM-O!

4. A twelve pack of Coca-Cola. Well, not an entire 12 pack but the box is there with a few left in it. Hubster has to have his Coke.

5. Leftover lunch meat (cajun turkey breast and honey mesquite turkey breast) from the subs we had a few nights ago for dinner.

**I want to post a disclaimer on this one. Normally, I'd have all kinds of gross things to list but luckily, I've recently done a thorough cleaning of the fridge.

5 things in your closet-

1. Well, uh, most important are my clothes. I have to have them. Not as in, I have to have more and more clothes, but as in, NO ONE wants to see this body naked! So, yes, my clothing is important.

2. Boxes of computer crap. The bottom of my closet has become the storage point for all the computer things we own and don't use anymore. I need to add it to my "clean one thing a week" list.

3. Crocheted afghans. I used to crochet. I don't do it much anymore because I just don't have the time. The funny thing is, I don't even like to cover up with afghans. They're much too warm for me. I'm all for staying cool all year round.

4. Shelves. I have extra shelves stored in my closet. They are the kind of shelves that you hang on the wall and put nick nacks on. But, again, I just don't have the time.

5. An old winter leather coat. It doesn't fit. It's a little too tight. I just can't make myself get rid of it though. I keep thinking maybe one of these days I'll lose a few and it will fit. I'll just keep dreaming for now.

5 things in your purse or backpack;

1. A first aid kit. I bought it at Walmart a few months ago knowing that little boys need bandaids now and then. It still has the wrapper on it. But who knows, one day it will come in handy.

2. An almost empty package of wet wipes. I bought these the same day I bought the first aid kit. These, unlike the other, have been used and used. I can't count how many times I've used one to clean Gooey up in a restaurant. Bonus, they have a nice lemony scent. Not only does it make Gooey smell lemony fresh, but my purse smells good too.

3. A snickers bar wrapper. I know, I need to just throw it away. I ate it on my way home from shopping the other day when I knew it would be a while before I could eat and I was starving! I normally would have left it in the van but I'm working hard to keep the van neat and clean.

4. Lots of loose change. I have this habit of throwing my change in the purse rather than putting it in my change purse. Then, when I take the time to clean out my purse, I add it to the pig (my piggy bank above the washer).

5. My debit card. I love my debit card. It's the best invention ever!

5 things in your car-

1. More change. When I go through a drive thru, I put the change in the cup holder thingy. Then when I clean out the van, I move the change to the pig.

2. A box of Kleenex. This is a new addition to the van and I find it very handy.

3. Gooey toys. Not sticky toys but Gooey's toys. They land here and there depending on what he does with them. **mental note: need to put a basket in there for toy collection.

4. The stroller. It goes everywhere I go (well not everywhere I go but everywhere the van goes). It's so nice to have it just in case.

5. A sleeping bag. There's no reason why it's in the van other than Bubba left it there. It comes in handy having it there. Bubba covers up with it when I keep the van a little too cool for his skinny butt.

5 things in the world you want to see before you die-

1. Hawaii. I want to watch the sun set from a beach in Hawaii.

2. Grandchildren. I want lots of them and I look forward to being a grandma. Before Gooey was born, I used to fret over what if Bubba never has kids. Now, with 2 children, my odds are better.

3. Success and happiness for my children. I'd like for them both to have successful careers. I want them both to get college degrees and not live paycheck to paycheck. I want happiness for them, whether it be through marriage and children, or whatever it takes for them to be happy. Nothing in the world matters unless you are happy.

4. A brand new car. I'd like to see me in a brand spanking, fresh off the lot vehicle. I've only had one new car (11 miles on it when I drove off the lot) in my life. I'd like to have another one.

5. And, last but not least, we can't forget world peace.

Ok so now I have to tag 5 more people. I don't know yet who I want to tag so I'll edit and add them later. Right now I have to go change Senor Poopy Pants.


oh amanda said...

Fun post. Isn't it amazing how quickly you go thru wipes? Oh, I should own stock.

I've had your blog on my feed reader forever and for some reason yesterday was the first day it's updated!

Michele said...

I was blog hopping and reading your meme... [hope u don't mind] and i luv your disclaimer on your fridge.. hahaha.... I haven't any kids but I just adore how moms nickname their kids... it's so much fun... "senor Poopy Pants"... hehehe.... tooo funny. Luv the blog.. you're hilarious... u did cheer me up!