Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I need one. It never fails. I can not visit the in-laws without someone complaining that I hurt their feelings because of something I said. I just can't win.

We went to a wedding reception where we got to see family we haven't seen in a long time along with new little people in the family. Hubster's step-sister has a son 6 months older than Gooey that we hadn't seen yet (except for pictures). I made a comment about Gooey and T being the same height. It was a simple statement. I said it only because I'm still amazed that Gooey is so tall.

Well, her son has a metabolic problem that keeps him at the low end of the height scale for his age. He's not failure-to-thrive short, just in the lower percentage range. I knew this about him but my statement wasn't in any way being mean or facetious. It was a SIMPLE OBSERVATION!

The next morning at breakfast with the Step-Mother-in-Law, I was treated to a sly comment about how the Step-Sister gets upset when anyone comments about her son's size. I can understand why the Step-Sister would be bothered but I think the comment from the Step-Mother-in-Law was unneeded.

I'm beginning to think that a mouth zipper would be nice so I just don't have to talk when around the In-Laws.

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Jenifer said...

Don't feel bad, I have a tendency to be always saying things that pi$$ people off too.....

And I don't even know I am doing it at the time!