Saturday, August 09, 2008


Last night was the first night of my 20 year high school reunion. It was an informal get-together and a loca bar. The entire night was a blast.

Seeing some old friends brought back all the same feelings of being in high school again, only this time with the added thought of "will anyone remember me". The feelings were senseless worries because, as it turns out, I was memorable. To some people, at least.

Connecting with old friends was wonderful. Daddeee got to meet the first boy I ever kissed. His girlfriend, whom I was good friends with in school, asked Daddeee if he wanted to hit him, jokingly of course. It made for a fun topic of conversation. By the way, we were seven when the "infamous kiss" took place.

The bad that played was "The Reagan Years" with lead singer, Al Bickley, a fellow graduate. They played 80's music and were surprisingly fantastic!

I also made some new friends last night. I knew their names in school but never had classes with or hung out with but we had a lot of fun getting to know each other.

So tonight is the continuation. We're having cocktails and dinner at the Crown Plaza Hotel. Daddeee surprised me and got us a room for the night. I'm so excited.

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Kathy said...

That's great you had a good time! My 20 year is coming up and I don't think I could get up the nerve to go.