Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yes the first week of Gooey going to his new sitter is complete. A complete success, that is. He had some issues at first. He cried when Daddeee dropped him off and then cried that evening anytime we mentioned going to "Gammy's" house.

Now, he can't wait to get there. He talks about Gammy all the time. He's even sad that he doesn't go to Gammy's house tomorrow.

And, I do believe, Gammy is smitten with Gooey. She raves about how well behaved he was each day. She's even amazed that he asks for a nap each day. She's been babysitting forever and a day and in all her years, she said he's the first child to ever ask to take a nap.

A little history, Gammy was my babysitter from the time I was 18 months until I started school. She is the best babysitter ever. I feel so incredibly lucky to have her watching my child.

I feel so much better knowing they both adore each other.

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