Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yes, I said Brain Beano. I wish there were such a product. I'd buy a years supply of it. I'm desperately in need of it because I suffer from a severe case of brain farts these days.

I can't get ready for work without forgetting to do something I'm supposed to do. I suffer from those dreams we all had as kids where you go to school without your pants only I do it for real. Well, I've not forgotten my pants yet but I have put on my shoes without socks and walked out the door.

I've put groceries away only to come back into the kitchen later on to find the potato chips in the freezer or the ice cream in the closet.

I make my grocery list so that I don't forget anything and then leave the list on the kitchen table.

I'm sleep deprived and over-stressed resulting in a severe case of flatulence of the brain. I need GlaxoSmithKline to hear my cries.


Danielle said...

Jeanna, I am sure you don't recall - but sometime after I had Aiden.... I went to work with 2 extremely different shoes on . Not even close and very noticable. Also being known as somewhat of a fashion whore this was like a HUGE red flag at work.

I almost brushed my teeth with hand lotion. All this kind of stuff was happening... GF you need some serious ZZZZ'ssss!

Toni said...

I need some too!!! You could make millions :)