Monday, February 02, 2009


Yes, a very important countdown, too. This weekend I'm taking Gooey to get the mullet cut off. I've always told Daddeee that I wouldn't do it until he turned 3. He turned 3 last month and I'm ready to get rid of it.

I did compromise and agreed to not cut it off completely but it will be pretty much gone. It'll be sad in a lot of ways because I love his curls. I'm just tired of having to tell people that talk to my child in the grocery store that he's not a girl. I can have him dressed in all boys clothing and will still have comments made about how cute my little girl is. He is cute but he's a he!

Although, he did come to me Saturday morning and tell me he's a girl. I said no you're not, you're a boy. He said no, mom, I'm a girl. Girls wear lipstick. Come to find out, he had gotten into my chapstick and that was his way of telling me.

He's a hoot...with a capital H!

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