Saturday, March 21, 2009


We enjoyed our usual Friday night out with friends and family last night. I've come to really enjoy my Friday nights out. No kids. All adult humor. Drinks. What more could a woman want?

Gary has become my adopted brother. He helps take care of my mom which helps me tremendously. Don't get me wrong. She can take care of herself but it still doesn't hurt to have someone on my side.

My new-found brother is a real estate agent. He went yesterday to a closing where 2 old sisters are selling their deceased brother's house. Every time he talks about these sisters, it reminds me of the 2 old sisters from the Walton's.

Anyway, Gary is a very well kept man. Never goes anywhere without pressing his clothes and wearing his best cologne. He's a typical gay man (sorry for the stereotyping but you get the drift). So Mamie, (yes, her name is Mamie. Really.) tells Gary he smells really good. Her exact words were "You smell like sweet surrender in the back seat of a car."

How sweet is that? We are all wondering now if that is just a saying from her days (I believe she's in her 80's). Or is that how she lost her virginity? Was she being sentimental?

I found it to be so incredibly sweet. I just love the sentence.

"~sweet surrender in the back seat of a car."

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