Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's been so incredibly busy around here lately.

We got an addition to our family. His name is Dexter and he's a 3 month old Pomeranian. Isn't he just adorable? I still need to come up with a registered name for him so I may be asking for your help soon.

The Teenager has been on spring break all week. He's in bed now because I think he's become a vampire and can't be seen during the day.

I took off today and tomorrow to spend time with the kids. We started toilet training Gooey so it should be an interesting few days. He's had his underwear on for an hour now, sat on the potty chair 3 times but still nothing. I think once he goes and sees how its done, he'll be good. He's not one for trying new things. We're going to Toys R Us on Saturday for a celebration toy if all goes well.

As you can see by the new section to your left, The Teenager and I are participating in the American Heart Association Heart Walk 2009. You can click on the link to see just what it is (and donate if you feel like it). We're doing all kinds of fun fundraisers. We're having a penny war with our second location at work. I amazed the people I work with my soliciting (begging was more like it) from co-workers. I was able to almost fill our jar completely! It's amazing what a little humor can get you (and threats to harass until you empty your pockets). Hey! It's all for a good cause.

We're also working on a bake sale for the 27th. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to bake. Suggestions?

So that's what's been keeping me away from you lately. I know, exciting stuff.

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Particia said...

I say APPLE PIE yours is the best but save me a piece!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!