Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've been at home sick for the last couple of days.

Nothing major so far. Just a bad cold that I can't take medicine for until I have some more tests done for another problem.

So I've been home. Mostly in my bed.

Part of the time on my couch.

I've slept. I've drank fluids. Lots of fluids.

And I've hung with my 2 best pals.


He's more of a pain in the butt. He's over a year old now but still thinks he's a puppy.

I'm beginning to wonder if he'll ever grow up.

But I wonder this about my kids too.

And then there's Ranger.

He's the best dog anyone could ever ask for.

I wish at times that he could talk.

I swear there are moments that I think he's about the say something.

See that last picture? Doesn't he look like he has something to say?

They've kept me company today and I've really enjoyed spending my sick day with them.

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Shannon O said...

I love your border collies they are adorable! I hope you're feeling better soon. - Shannon O | Confessions of a Loving Wife