Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Jillian sat in the waiting area just as she had many times in the past.  This would be her final flight.  The check in was much easier than it had ever been.  Getting things ready for this flight had, however, been more difficult.

She found out she would be taking this trip months before.  Even though she had plenty of time to prepare, deciding what to bring and what to leave behind was difficult.

The forty-two year old mother of 2 spent the previous few months preparing.  The children would be well cared for and she had left plenty of instructions for her husband of 20 years.

Jillian had even managed to spend some time with her extended family thanks to a cleverly planned family reunion.  She had hugged her mom and her sisters.  She even joked with Uncle Steve about him making the same trip and meeting up with her.

While Jillian waited to board, she reflected on the other places she had been.  
Disneyland with the kids, cruises with friends, and anniversary trips with her husband were a few that were more memorable.  

Jillian stiffened slightly when the attendant announced that her flight was ready to depart.  She knew the tears would flow freely as she hugged her children good bye and took one last look at her handsome husband and kissed him gently on the cheek.  

"I'll see you," she told them, "when it's time for you to take the same journey.  Remember, I'll love you always."

She laid her head down onto her pillow and closed her eyes for the last time.  Jillian left with a sweet smile on her face and a peacefulness within her as she departed on her flight to meet her God.

This is my entry into this week's Trifecta.  You can view more about it by clicking on the above image. There are some very amazing writers who participate so take some time, surf their writings and enjoy.


MOV said...

oooooooooh, I like the surprise ending. Wow!


Anonymous said...

Lovely - well done!

Carrie said...

unexpected ending though I was already unsettled with the comment about "last flight" in the very beginning. Clearly she was leaving her family for somewhere "else"

Wisper said...

What a great piece. Very simple and understated yet powerful. Well done.

Trifecta said...

She was lucky to have time to wrap up all the loose ends before her trip. Hopefully they all see each other again someday.
Thanks for linking up. Please come back tomorrow for the new challenge.

Anonymous said...

Nice twist at the end. Having time to wrap up loose ends doesn't make goodbye any easier, but at least they could make their feelings known - no regrets.

Anonymous said...

Unexpected ending! She seems like she has a very good attitude about it all.