Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Each time I look into his eyes, I see nothing but pure, unrequited love.  Oh how I adore those copper-colored eyes.

Ranger came into my life 8 years ago on a fluke.  We wanted a new family pet but couldn’t agree on what type of dog to get.  Tim wanted a furry dog but I wanted a Jack Russell Terrier. 

I was searching the paper for the hundredth time when I ran across an unexpected advertisement. 

“For Sale:  American Eskimo/Jack Russell Terrier mix puppies $50 call 555-5555”

I jumped on the telephone and made arrangements to pick up a puppy before calling my husband and clearing it with him. 

We arrived at the address and were overwhelmed at how cute all of the puppies were. 

It was kismet.  These puppies were exactly what we were looking for!  One puppy stood out to all of us so we chose him to become our Ranger.

Ranger was the easiest puppy to train.  His potty training only lasted a week or so before we had no issues with leaving him out on his own.  He got the best of both breeds – smart as a Jack Russell and as loving and loyal as an American Eskimo, not to mention the fur!

When I’m home, he’s always at my side.   He walks with me with no leash needed and stays at my feet when I’m sitting.  For relaxation, he rests his head on my thigh as I sit on the couch. 

I love when I say “who’s my wubber dog” and he nuzzles his head under my chin.   He has a funny way of tilting his head and only perking up one ear when I call his name – the one ear with the white tip.   He responds to my petting with such a warm-heart that he gets any treat he wants.   I’ve never experienced the love for a pet that I have for Ranger.  

Over the years, Ranger has come to be my companion – in this case, woman’s best friend.

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hoofprintsinmygarden said...

This is a lovely, warm (hearted) tribute to Ranger. As a dog lover (and horses and...all animals), I loved the picture you painted of his personality. And he's so CUTE besides. Like you said, a perfect mix.

Trifecta said...

What a beautiful dog! I've never come across that mix before, but it sounds like it turns out a lovely animal. Thanks for sharing him with us!

jannatwrites said...

You have a unique-looking dog. I love animals and they do get to our hearts. I'm glad you found the perfect dog for your family and that you've grown into such great companions :)

Annabelle said...

Dogs are the best. I just wish I had room for one!

lumdog2012 said...

This is such a sweet commentary on Ranger. It's easy to see how he captured your heart.