Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Catching up...

I've left a few "I'll post about that later"'s so I thought I'd use today to catch up.

A while ago I posted about our neighbor who we call Walnut. He's this man that lives across the street and he's lived there, well, forever. I grew up in this neighborhood, along with A's dad across the street. A's dad calls Walnut, BugEyes. This man will stand in his yard and hold a conversation with the tree. I'm not joking.

When we first moved back to this neighborhood 2 years ago, I was sitting in the backyard and he came by. He asked me if I got laid off from Ford. First of all, I've never spoken with the man, plus I've never worked at Ford.

He tells stories about how he served in wars (he's never been in the service according to his wife).

Last night, Hubster and I were sitting in the backyard. I saw Walnut come cruising around the corner so I hightailed it in the house with the baby. I was going to let Hubster stay out and not tell him but I thought that would be just too mean since once you're in a conversation with this man, you have to plan on being there for a while. I couldn't be that cruel.


Another update: The waterpark on Monday.

Since it was so cloudy and the water was cold, we sat and people watched. It was a good thing too. Hubster pointed out this man because he looked like Billy Bob Thornton. He really did, too. So we began calling him Billy Bob.

Billy Bob was there with his 2 children (I'm assuming they were his). A little boy about 4 years old and a girl about 3 years old. He wasn't paying any attention to them. Instead of watching his kids, he was on his cell phone.

The little boy just wanted to get warm. He kept wrapping himself up in his towel and laying down on the sidewalk. He would just lie down anywhere. One of the staff came along at one point and asked him if he was ok. She took him to find Billy Bob.

The little girl wanted to play in the water. She wandered all over that park.

After we went out for our lunch, we moved to a different section of the park to watch the kids. The little girl was over near the lazy river, all alone playing in the water. I couldn't take it anymore. I said something to the lifeguard, who BTW, looked just like my friend, Chris, who passed away last year.

The lifeguard went to his manager and they found Billy Bob and made him watch his kids.

I wonder where the children's mother was.


So yesterday was 6/6/06. I thought all the hype was kinda silly. One of the local radio stations offered $1000 if someone had a baby boy yesterday and named it Damian or $10,000 if they had a girl and named her Lucy Fer. How cruel that would be to do that to a child.

My favorite thing I saw yesterday was a picture of George W. It says it all. I'll leave you with that picture so you can laugh too.

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