Saturday, June 03, 2006


My mommy group, the January 2006 Doodlebugs, is having a walk challenge. Each mommy is supposed to walk 90 miles in the month of June. That works out to 3 miles a day. This includes ALL walking for the day, even a walk to the bathroom. I've measured my stride and figured I have to walk 201,356 steps. As of bedtime last night I've walked 11,982 steps, give or take a few (I'm bad about putting on the pedometer first thing in the morning). It seems like a HUGE goal to me right now because 200,000 is a large number. I think having the other mommies doing it too will help. Big Brother is my "trainer" and is keeping me honest.

I think I'll borrow an idea from my fellow blogger, A Stern Point of View, and post my tally after each blog. He's a little more gutsy and posts his weight...that ain't gonna happen here!

Challenge Update:
Steps taken: 11,982
Goal: 201,356

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