Sunday, August 30, 2009


The family and I went to a co-worker's house last night for her birthday party. I wasn't sure what to expect since I'd never been to her home before and didn't know who would be there.

She lives in a second floor apartment that is accessed by a door off of her deck. Her deck is surrounded by mature trees so Gooey's reaction was "You live in a tree house!" That was a good ice breaker.

The weather was gorgeous so most everyone sat outside while Andi, Karye's partner, cooked burgers and dogs on the grill. I stayed inside to hold Josh's new baby, of course. Did anyone expect anything else?

I made my pasta salad, Josh (another co-worker) brought potato salad (it was fab), chips were also on the menu. It was all wonderful.

After dinner, we actually played "pin the tail on the donkey". Karye is 32 after all. She's reverting back into her childhood. The amazing part was that EVERYONE played. There were no party poopers! Of course, The Teenager won.

It was a wonderful party. I wish I'd have taken my camera to share pictures of the game. It was too funny!

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