Saturday, August 29, 2009


The excitement started at our house last Sunday. We spent the afternoon at The City Market then came home to make lasagne for Sunday dinner (See previous post where I promised to cook something good!)

Daddeee started having pain in his, well, private place. He took a hot shower hoping to make it feel better but that didn't help. We went on over to Mom's house for dinner and he spent the entire time lounging in the recliner in pain.

Once we got home, I got Gooey showered and tucked into bed and The Teenager set to take over in charge. I called my friend and neighbor, Dayna, to let her know what was going on then took Daddeee to the ER.

We arrived at the ER about 9:15. By 10:00 he was having an ultrasound where they discovered he had a testicular torsion. Basically, his right testicle was twisted and cutting off the blood circulation. The Urologist came in to explain the surgery and said they would more than likely be removing the testicle.

I was trying to keep Daddeee in a jovial mood as much as possible since this was the first surgery he's ever had. I jokingly asked the doctor if he would "snip" him while down there. Daddeee jumped at this suggestion since we've been discussing it but he's been too chicken to have it done. The doctor said as long as everything looked ok, he would perform the vasectomy.

Daddeee went into surgery at midnight. I went to wait in the surgery waiting room...alone. I had called everyone to let them know. My mom said she'd come sit with me but I knew she had to work. Dayna was home with her child and tending to mine. Gary and Nick were out of town and had no cell phone service. Trisha and Jason live too far away. Everyone else had to work the next day. I was alone. It sucked.

The surgery took one and a half hours. The surgeon gave me an update then I spent another hour or more waiting to get to see him out of recovery.

They moved him to his room around 3am. He was really nauseous from the anesthesia but otherwise came out of surgery just fine. AND, they didn't have to remove it. Instead, they "tacked" each one up to the side to keep them from twisting again. Another bonus was the vasectomy. It was a blessing in disguise.

He's still sore but he's getting back into the game.

It's been an exhausting week for both of us but we're blessed that everything came out ok.

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Kathy said...

That hurt my (non-exsistant) balls just reading about it. Glad to hear he's ok!