Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OH MY...

Today I paid a visit to one of my favorite websites, The Pioneer Woman, and she's doing another one of her fabulous giveaways. I'm so jealous of her website and how she gets to offer such fantastic items to her readers.

Anyway, in order to enter today's giveaway you have to answer the question "What's the last great recipe you cooked". I could just cry.

I love to cook and I can't remember the last time I actually cooked a great recipe. I've made dinner, don't get me wrong. My children and husband aren't starving in the least. But I haven't COOKED!

I haven't reached into my pocket of outstanding, hand-me-down recipes that I've collected in my almost 40 years and stood at the stove, occasionally wiping my brow and actually cooked! It's so sad.

It's been that way with a lot of things lately too. I have a new hobby of making glass bead bracelets and I haven't even found the time to do that.

But I want you to be my witness. I stand, well, ok, I'm really sitting, before you and pledge that I will spend some time slaving over my hot stove and will make a great recipe! I cross my gut and promise. I'll make some more bracelets, too.

I'll maybe even give one away here. I can't compete with The Pioneer Woman but I sure can try!

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