Monday, December 28, 2009

IN 1970...

How Much things cost in 1970 (in 2009):

Yearly Inflation Rate USA 5.84% (1.8%)

Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 838 (end of the day, 12/28/09 10547.08)

Average Cost of new house $23,450.00 ($200,250 - $300,000)

Average Income per year $9,400.00 ($50,233)

Cost of a gallon of Gas 36 cents (yesterday on my way home $2.37)

Sheaffer Pen $9.95 (I don't know which version this was based on but the Sheaffer 100 goes for $16.00)

United States postage Stamp 6 cents (44 cents)

Gallon of milk $1.15 ($3.50-$4.00)

Dozen Eggs 62 cents (anywhere up to $1.50 but I had to pay $2.49 last week because the store was out of every kind except Eggland's Best. There was a winter storm coming in and everyone stocked up)

AMC Gremlin $1879 (I wanted to find what their worth today but doing a search on google didn't bring up any for sale within the WWW)

And the Kansas City Chiefs won the Superbowl January 11, 1970.

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