Friday, December 25, 2009


I was lazy this year and didn't do Christmas Cards.

I thought about it back in October while we watched our first Christmas movie of the year. I didn't do it then because I thought I'd have time. I did, too.

Then November rolled around and it was time for The Teenager's birthday. Then came Thanksgiving. And Black Friday.

I thought of them again at the beginning of December while I watched my favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation, every day for a week.

Well, I didn't watch the ENTIRE movie every night. Just bits and pieces until I had pretty much had seen the whole movie.

Before I knew it, I ran out of time.

It's Christmas day and I didn't send out cards.

So I found this card and thought it so elegant I fell in love with my last minute attempt.

So to you and yours from me and mine, Merry Christmas.

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