Sunday, December 06, 2009


I've tried forever to get some decent pictures of Dexter.

A first he was a little shy and didn't want me to get a shot of him. He kept turning his head.

He finally relented and allowed me to get a few shots.

He's an adorable puppy when he wants to be. Other times he's just a pain in the butt. Just ask Ranger.

See? He's cute.

He won't be a puppy for much longer. He turns 1 year on December 13th.

"Did someone say squirrel?" (shameless reference to the movie UP!)

All this posing for pictures wears a puppy out. He stayed in this position for hours.

Yet he can barely hold still when I want a decent picture of his face.

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Anne said...

Hi right back at you, Jeanna! Good to see you! :o)