Monday, January 04, 2010


...and a hug around the neck....AHA!

My dad used to sing this to us all the time.

I sing it to my boys.

Yet I've never heard the actual song.

Until tonight.

Daddeee and I were watching Julie and Julia (I didn't tell him what we were watching until he was into the movie since it's a chick flick).

Midway through the movie, they play the Doris Day version of the song. I was amazed.

I still am.

I had to google it.

The first thing that comes up: (1 US bushel) plus (1 US peck) = 44.04884 liters

I chuckled.

Then I found the link.

There are more lyrics than what Dad sang to us.

I have to admit, I like his version better. It ends with a sing-songy AHA!

And more things in life should be sing-songy.

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