Sunday, January 24, 2010


My computer crashed.

It crashed right after I added my new 26 inch monitor that I got for my birthday.

I know 26 inches is overkill for a monitor but don't knock it until you've tried it.

By the way, that's me in the picture. In a dream world, anyway.

So the crash was purely coincidental but I wondered. In my infinite wisdom, I thought the computer couldn't push the picture into this new monitor.

I'm really kidding.

A couple of the reasons I went with such a large monitor are that 1. I'm half blind. 2. I watch a lot of movies on my computer and like to lay (or is it lie?) in my bed while I watch. 3. It's also a tv so I can watch tv on it too. And, 4. it was around the same price to go with the tv/monitor combo.

So after close to a week of praying and pressing buttons and restarting, I turned the cpu over to The Teenager to fix it.

It took him a matter of hours. While I napped. He's so awesome.

So now that I'm back up and running, I'll be back to posting.

Stay tuned!

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