Sunday, February 27, 2011


I look forward to Sunday mornings because I'm usually the first one up. The dogs are a close second. I usually can't make it out of the bathroom before they're begging to be let outside.

While they're outside doing their duties (or would that be doodies?), I make coffee and clean up the kitchen.

I enjoy my Sunday mornings with 2 of my favorite fellows. We lounge in the recliner watching CBS Sunday morning and drink coffee.

Dexter's usually a little too rambunctious and won't lay on my lap for long. He has to roam the house and make sure all the zones are protected and eat anything, and I mean anything, he can find on the carpet. He's a little garbage disposal.

Evidently this morning, they were being a quite ornery and felt the need to stick they're tongues out at me. Ranger was a bit more timid about it than Dexter.

Can you believe how long that tongue is? I think he looks like a cow.

One of the main reasons I love my Sunday mornings with these two is the love that is shared with me. This dog loves me. A lot. Even though I took him to have his little Rangers removed, he still loves me. (by the way, his stitches were removed yesterday and she said he healed beautifully!)

And I just love those eyes.

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