Friday, February 25, 2011


At least I miss the reminder of him on my way to work.

Occasionally I get to take I435 to get to work. Right around the 44 mile marker, there used to be a series of signs that someone had tacked to the trees that read "JESUS" "LOVES" "YOU" as you rounded the corner.

Yesterday I noticed the signs were gone.

Years ago when I first noticed the signs, I was irritated by them. At that stage in my life I was in the "no one should push their Jesus views on me" mode. Each time I would drive by, I cringed to see them. Don't get me wrong. I was not a Jesus hater. My thought process was that I would be the one to choose when, where, and how I would relate to Him.

I've aged since then. My mind is going and I no longer remember the things that are important when I'm supposed to remember them.

So when I passed that spot yesterday and it jogged my memory, I was looking forward to the reminder. If only for a few minutes, He would be there with me in my thoughts.

But, alas, the signs are no longer there. And it saddens me.

At least I have the memory of that curve and what used to be there.

At least for as long as my mind will remember it.

Which won't be very long.

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