Thursday, February 03, 2011


Ranger is going on the chopping block.

He's become a little aggressive ever since The Teenager hit that puberty thing.

So, he's off to be neutered; to become a Eunuch; have his Doghood taken away.

I know, we should have done this years ago but deep down I thought I'd someday want a little Ranger running around.

We settled for Dexter instead.

He was due for his annual shots so I figured it as good a time as any.

So I dropped him off this morning. He was so excited to see the leash. Then he was so excited to get into the car.

"Are we going to the park?" his little tail wagged.

He began to whine when we pulled into the parking lot. He knows the place. It's next door to the groomer that he hates so much.

When we didn't go into the groomer, he got a little more curious.

When she took him from me, he gave me the saddest look.

"Where am I going, Mom?" his eyes spoke to me.

I feel so mean. I left my baby boy with a stranger to do strange things to him.

Have you ever searched dog neutering online? Long Beach Animal Hospital has step-by-step instructions on how it's done. (it's not for the squeamish!)

Yes, I admit I'm a little morbid and like to know just how these things are done. (I did the same thing when the dear old husband was neutered, ahem, I mean vascectomized.)

He'll be better off in the long run (I have to keep telling myself this).

I can't wait to go pick him up.

Did I mention I have an aunt who has her dog's testicles in a jar in her living room? And you thought I was morbid!

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Anonymous said...

Aaaaaahhhh!!! I really wish I hadn't clicked over to the dog neutering pictures. Trying to erase those images from my mind.

I felt just as bad when I took my little buddy in - he's a miniature Australian Shepherd named Tommy. As bad as I felt, I enjoyed taking care of him afterward. For a couple of days, he would only eat if I fed him from my hand.

BTW - I found you because you commented on my Super Bowl post on SMARTS. Thanks for reading!

-Ben P.