Saturday, May 28, 2011


One of my favorite websites to visit for recipes is Steamy Kitchen.

Well, the other day I signed up for one of her giveaways and an option was to sign up for the her Steamy Kitchen Store newsletters so I did.

In my email a few days later I received a coupon code for 10% off my next purchase. A few days later I received a gift certificate for $25 off my next purchase.

After hours (I'm not kidding, I shopped for hours), I settled on a new flatware set because with years of having kids, I'm missing forks and spoons from my set that I've had for years.

I chose:

Allure Sand Service for 4 Flatware Set (20-pc.) by Cambridge Silversmiths

I decided on this set because a. it was $24.95 and b. it's a simple design that will fit nicely with my old set (should I need to use both).

They should arrive June 8th.

After coupon, gift certificate, and shipping my out of pocket price: $3.44!

Talk about a bargain!

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Couponing mommy said...

Sweet thats a awesome deal