Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Table Setting Mommeee's Way 101

I don't usually get very fancy when I set the table. Normally, you're lucky if I even put the plates on the table. We normally grab a plate from the counter and fill it up from the stove.

Even then they're normally paper plates. (I'm still stuck on the which-is-less-greener: washing a plate and using up water OR using a paper plate and polluting a landfill)

On rare occasions, I do get out my fancy plates. They're Pfaltzgraff plates that I've had for probably 10 years or more.

The glasses are from a friend of mine who was cleaning out her garage and came across them. She thought of me and my little wine fetish.

Ok so it's more than a fetish. It's more like an obsession.

Anyway, I don't do fancy napkins. I don't own any. I've thought about it but then they would just me more things I'd have to launder.

I live with all males so a fancy table isn't a necessity. I bring out the good stuff just for me.

Hmmm, for me. Maybe I should invest in some nice napkins and go all out with my table.

I'll bet I could find some with a wine theme.


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