Monday, May 02, 2011


It really is all about the beans.

We visited our favorite coffee place again this weekend. I wanted to buy some more Magical Morning that we tried last week.

I have fallen in love!

The inside of the Coffeehouse is awesome. There are 2 levels connected by a spiral staircase. Both ends of the store open up using garage like doors so on nice days, it's like being outdoors.

A rare glance of me buying coffee with Daddeee. We bought a few different kinds so I was labeling the bags.

This is how they sell their coffee. You scoop out of the barrels into a bag then they measure it for you at the counter. They'll grind it for you too but I prefer to grind mine as I use it.

Coffee has become a small obsession for me. I think I might need a coffee drinkers anonymous club.

Once again, all photographs courtesy of The Teenager

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