Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My all-time favorite lunch ever since I was a kid has been grilled cheese and tomato soup. It's the favorite lunch for both of my children.

We like to have it for dinner too. It's quick and easy.

I don't like my tomato soup made with water, though. I prefer to use milk and butter. I prefer to use Campbell's Tomato Soup but the off name brand will do in a pinch.

The milk and butter make for a creamier soup. Thicker.

I use plain sandwich bread for my grilled cheese. I don't like the thick Texas toast versions. I butter the bread and place it on the hot pan. Then I add the slices of cheese. Then the second piece of buttered bread. I give you this information because when I first met my husband, he melted the butter in the pan and put the bread on the buttered pan. That's just wrong. I've trained him better since then. The result is so much better if the butter is on the bread first. Trust me.

I also prefer to use 2 cheeses: American and Provolone. Not only does it make for an excellent flavor, but the color combination is simply beautiful.

And lastly, the proper way to eat grilled cheese and tomato soup is to dip the sandwich into the soup. Ah, it's just yummier that way.

So I hope I've succeeded in making you sufficiently hungry for some grilled cheese and tomato soup. Make some soon. Let the kids help. They're really good at buttering the bread. And they'll have fun eating it, too.

Subnote on this post: The Teenager got on to me for using my cell phone for the pictures. I know, my camera would have been much better but I was lazy. The cell phone was handier. I told him if he'd get out of bed before 3 in the afternoon, he could have taken them for me. So on behalf of The Teenager, I apologize for the lackluster photos.

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