Monday, June 20, 2011


A few weeks ago, we had some friends over for our usual Saturday night fun night.

I had the taste for spaghetti and meatballs so I made some along with a new recipe that I had wanted to try: herbed olive oil.

I first tried the dipping olive oil at an Italian restaurant that Daddeee took me to for our anniversary. It was yummy.

So I attempted it on that Saturday night. My attempt wasn't as good as theirs but I discovered a bread that I really liked.

Mind you, I'm not a huge bread person. Too many carbs and all, you know.

But that bread was amazing.

It was a simple French baguette. I know, I served a French bread with Italian food. So wrong but I don't care. I'm a rebel.

The bread was just perfect without the oil. I spread a little butter on each small slice and it was the perfect size for a few bites. (We had it again last night with our steaks and baked potatoes for Father's day.)

So my new bread obsession took me in another direction this past Saturday.

Years ago, there was a deli near the City Market called LaSala's. They made the most amazing sub sandwiches.

The Poor Boy was my favorite. Slice off the size of sandwich that you think you can handle and munch away!

Even though their website still exists, sadly the deli does not.

So we decided to make our own. Not quite a LaSala's sandwich but we enjoyed them just as much.

All that bread! It was so good. So filling!

I've found a renewed love for an old friend.

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