Tuesday, June 14, 2011


You deserve a cookie.

Maybe you've finished a project at work, or planted a garden. Maybe you've volunteered your time or folded the laundry. Maybe you've swum laps.

Or maybe you don't really think you've done much of anything. Maybe you're feeling blue. Maybe you wonder why you're not more productive or more generous or kinder or smarter or prettier or, I don't know, better somehow. Maybe you focus so much on others' achievements that you never, ever, ever take the time to look back and reflect on how far you've come.

But you have come far. I don't know where you started or where you're going or even who you are, but we all go from point A to point B and along our way there are infinite small victories and accomplishments and milestones, some so small they pass by in a blip and we don't even see them. We don't. I don't. We see countless successes in others, clear as day, but so very few in ourselves.

So stop. Just stop. Take a quiet minute. Think about your week.

Did you pack a lunchbox?

Mow a lawn?

Smile at a stranger?

Did you practice a skill?

Tidy a closet?

Go for a run?

Did you do a good job on something? Anything?

Did you?

I'm guessing you did. And there won't be a parade. There won't be confetti. There won't be a thank you note or a raise or a grateful pat on the back. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen. And that doesn't mean it didn't matter.

It mattered.

Have a cookie.

You deserve it.

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