Thursday, September 13, 2012


I awoke to feelings of nausea.  I fumbled my way to the bathroom and paid my respects to the porcelain princess.  

My body felt as if a freight train had run over it. Then it backed up and did it again.  I don't know which hurt worse, my body or my aching head.  

I spent the day on the couch only leaving for frequent trips to the bathroom.  I occasionally detoured to the kitchen for more Sprite.  

Boring daytime television seeped into my consciousness between naps.  

The mother in me nursed my flu-ridden body with bed rest and fluids while deep down I begged for a radical form of anything to heal myself faster.  

Day one turned into day three when the fever finally broke and I was able to sit up without my head throbbing harder than the drums of a marching band.  

Late into day three and I was able to shower myself and begin the difficult climb back to my normal self.

I wasn't going to participate this week but I'm actually feeling better this afternoon and thought what better way to participate than to share how I've spent the past few days.  I did my best to not be too descriptive.


lumdog2012 said...

Jeanna, here's a not so radical remedy:whiskey (you need to compensate by drinking lots of water since alcohol dries you out). My preference is bourbon. This is a perfect description of a bout with the flu, thankfully not too graphic! Nice job!

Gina said...

You poor thing! I hate being under the weather even a smidge. Very well described, I'm afraid! Hope you truly are feeling better. @lumdog...I have never heard of that before. Are you making things up again? Just kidding. Jeanna, at least you are on the mend for the weekend.

lumdog2012 said...

No. I'm not making it up though I expect the docs wouldn't recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the flu does suck. I catch it with appalling regularity, but I hope your bout is quick!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you nailed it. Nothing worse than being sick and you capture the crud spot on.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. The flu sucks! Thanks for not being too graphic :) I hope you recover enough to enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Trifecta said...

Ugh, that sounds miserable. Hope you feel better soon.