Tuesday, September 18, 2012



“He stroked his hand along her heavy bosom feeling the rise of her chest.”

“Ugh!” he snorted.

Jake had been trying to write the same passage for his book for hours but kept getting stumped.  It just didn’t sound right when he read it out loud. 

He didn’t want his female character to appear overweight but he also didn’t want her paper thin as in most erotic genre stories.  He felt that he could reach an entirely new group of readers if he changed from his normal format.
He had tried many adjectives but lavish, substantial, broad, and vast just didn’t give his writing the tone he wanted. 

“He stroked his hand along her copious bosom feeling the rise of her chest.”

“No! Does anyone even know what copious means?” he growled. 

He rose from the desk thinking that perhaps a break is what he needs.

He decided to make a pot of coffee and reached for some sample packs of a new brand he wanted to try.  He stood at the counter with the small package in hand and stared at the label. 

“Free Sample,” he read.  “Sample,” he repeated

He raced back to his laptop and quickly wrote, “He stroked his hand along her ample bosom feeling the rise of her chest.”

“Yes!” he exclaimed.

He read it aloud. 

“Isn’t it amazing how inspiration comes from the strangest places?” he chuckled to himself.

I had fun with this Trifecta challenge. See more by clicking on the cute little tricycle above.  Do it.  Do it now!


Flippa Bird said...

Ha! What a great story. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun idea, a story about a writer figuring out a story! We never struggle with placing the right words, now do we? :)

Wisper said...

I like the idea of writing about a writer. Nice job.

Bo said...

How great! I love it when inspiration come unexpectedly!

lumdog2012 said...

I love how your story examines the differt possible words. You took on the prompt head on. BTW, I agree that ample doesn't mean overweight.

Gina said...

Ample means...well, full and things like that...not overweight at all. Ample is appealing, IMO. I loved how the character did word association to come up with his choice. Sometimes just fixing that coffee and mulling it over is better than the thesaurus!

Trifecta said...

I love hearing those kinds of stories about random happenstance causing inspiration. Thanks for linking up!

Kelly Garriott Waite said...

Neat piece! I like seeing his search for the precise, perfect words.