Sunday, September 16, 2012


My name is Jeanna and I'm an Instagram addict.  I Instagram at least 3 times a week.  I've been an addict for more than a year.

I discovered that there's much more to do with Instagram that I could ever dream.  I particularly like the Timehop and Instabam.  

Instagrid :: A web gallery of your Instagram photos.

Webstagram and Followgram :: View and manage your Instagram profiles online.

Instabam :: Find Instagram photos taken close to your physical location.

Timehop :: Get a daily email with Instagram photos you took one year ago.

Instafriends :: Find out who isn't following you back.

Hashgram :: Search Instagram by hashtag, keyword or user.

Cartagram :: It shows popular public photos from Instagram arranged on a map.

Instagreat :: Browse popular photos or even your own timeline.

Postagram :: Send Postagram postcards from your iPhone or Android.

Gramjunction :: Link your Instagram photos to Flickr accounts.

Imagesnap :: Turns your Instagram photos into 2″x2″ tiles. 

Printstagram :: Create prints or posters from your Instagram photos.

Calendagram :: Create wall calendars from your Instagram photos.

Instamaker :: Your Instagram photos on t-shirts, cards and more.

Stickygram :: Turn your Instagrams into magnets.

Casetagram :: Create an iPhone case from your Instagram photos.

Artflakes :: Create removable vinyl stickers from your Instagram photos.

Followgram :: Create an Instagram follow button to embed on websites and blogs.

Snapwidget :: Easily embed an Instagram photo gallery on your website or blog.

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Bo said...

I use instagram and I had no idea there was this much to do with it! Awesome!