Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We had enchiladas last night and as we were eating I was thinking I should have made some dirty margaritas. Oh well, dinner was almost over and I was too pooped to do much more. Now, I still want one! I thought about it before bed last night and again when I got up at 5:15 this morning for Little A, the kid I babysit, to come over. Now here I sit thinking...I want a dirty margarita. For those that have never had a dirty margarita, you are definitely missing out. It's the best margarita ever. (Don't get confused with a diry martini...they're nothing alike)

I'm on strike this week. Hubster doesn't know it yet but he will be when he gets home from work. I asked him twice yesterday to clean up the end table where he'd left his candy wrappers and ice cream sticks. Why should I clean up after him because he's too lazy to pick things up and walk 10 steps into the kitchen trash. So, today I was supposed to do my weekly Tuesday clean up. Well, I'm not going to. When he complains that his bathroom needs cleaned, I'll remind him that I'm on strike. I'm off now to go make up my picket sign 8-)

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