Monday, July 31, 2006


Saturday night we went to the Woodlands and watched the greyhounds race. I had a really good time. I wagered on 10 races and actually won a few. Once 10:00 hit though, I was ready for home. Big Brother had a good time. Hubster didn't wager but chose to sit and drink beer. He said he still had a good time.

Sunday we didn't do much but hang around the house. Hubster's cousin came over and we cooked out. After dinner, we went back to her house to play some pool. I don't play but I enjoy watching.

Our friend, Tom, was over and shot pool. Tom is a character like no other. He was at a friends house on a fix-up-date and actually got the girl in bed and in her undies. Well, Tom, the eternal single man, did something to tick her off so she up and left...leaving her jeans behind. Now, Tom is no gentleman. He took her jeans (which turned out to be her favorite pair), and held them hostage until she would go out with him again.

He told her he would cut off a belt loop and mail it to her for every 2 days that went by without agreeing to date him. Ladies, this is sad but she actually went out with him again to get her jeans back.

Anyway, I have more Tom stories to share but will save them for another time.

Today was the last day of our "weekend". I went to the doctor and had a tumor removed from by back. He said normally they would just cut it off, but because of the size and shape of this one, he cauterized it off. It didn't hurt but the smell was awful. He sent it in for a biopsy so I won't know anything for a few days. I'm not worried.

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