Thursday, July 13, 2006


OK first a little background. Before Little Brother was born, I was an office manager for a local used car lot. When I first went to work for them, it was owned by 2 guys. C hired me (I worked their floor plan at a bank). I worked for C & K for a year. C had a serious drug problem. In July of 2004, a man came in and attempted to shoot C. After that, he never came back and K bought him out. It was nice working for just K. We really got along. I knew everything about his business life and personal life. I took care of paying his bills for both. Well, while I was on maternity leave, K accused me of stealing money. First of all, it wasn't possible because I wasn't even on the checking account and second, I didn't do it. He had not proof (found out later he expected me to keep working for him even after he accused me). He was $150,000 behind on his floor plan and was using me as a scape goat. That was in January.

In March, C was murdered in his driveway. K still had a life insurance policy on him and they were still partners in another (slowly folding) business of buying, fixing and selling property. The police went to question K and asked for permission to search the businesses. He said sure. Now, K is an ex-felon. They found a gun in his office that supposedly belonged to K's son who passed away in November. It was in K's office and his possession so they arrested him. He spent April, May, and part of June in jail. They let him out to tend to some business and now he's back in for an undetermined amount of time.

During his incarceration, his sales manager, E, called me on a regular basis asking how to do this and how to do that. I figured it wasn't E's fault (or anyone else employed there) so I helped with whatever I could. This made K mad that E was doing this (he's lucky I helped or his business would have folded). Anyway, since K's in jail again, E is calling me again for help.

This is where the stress is. I can't decide if I should continue to help or not. The business is going to fold anyway (what a has such potential). It's stressing me out thinking of it all. I really loved my job and the people I worked with.

If I can talk E into opening his own lot, the whole situation could be solved. Just an idea.

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