Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So, according to an anonymous comment-leaver, the pepsi thing I posted a few days ago is an urban legend (see what I get for posting without taking the time to check on it like I normally would have). Oh well. Who cares.

I find it a bit ironic that the person posted under anonymous. WHY? Is it that bad to leave someone a comment about a flaw on their blog that you have to do it anonymously? Did that person think I would track them down and beat the sense out of them for pointing out a mistake? Just a thought.

Spent yesterday sopping up water from behind the washer and dryer because of a clogged drain. Did you know that drain needs to be snaked once a year? Go, run, check your drain...see if it needs to be snaked! Seriously, go do it because if you don't and it overflows, it makes a mess. I shampooed carpet yesterday, put a fan on it to dry (such humidity here that it would never dry if I didn't). I get to shampoo some more today. Fun, fun.

Have you checked your drain yet?

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