Wednesday, June 13, 2007


At least it was yesterday. I work in a pharmacy and we take a ton of calls from doctor's offices for prescriptions or corrections to prescriptions that patients send in. It was a definite DUH day yesterday. Here are a few examples:

One of the girls was talking to a nurse taking a prescription. We have to have med name, strength, quantity and directions for how the patient is to take the med. When my co-worker asked for directions, the nurse gave her directions to the office. DUH!

I took a call from a nurse about a prescription that we already had but some of the information was missing. She gave me the order number so I asked her "Hold just a moment while I pull it up to see what the issue is." Her response was "It's about a prescription." Well, DUH! It's not like the issue was about their underwear size.

Then I took a call from a nurse and she began the call with "I'm calling about so and so (name omitted because I simply can't remember it), do you know about her?" We process 15 to 20 thousand prescriptions a day. What makes her think I'm going to know about her patient? DUH!

I wonder what tonight's word will be.

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