Sunday, June 03, 2007


Ok so I'm not Oprah. I figure, though, that since she could have her favorite things, then so can I. If I could give everyone my favorite things, these are what they would be (ok so some of mine are not actually tangible items that can be given but the thought is there):

1. River Market Blend coffee. There's a little shop at the river market that sells it and it's the absolute best coffee in the world. I buy the beans and grind them myself before making each pot and it's just pure heaven to me.

2. Family Get-togethers. I admit I have one of the most bizarre families there are but to spend an evening with them partying and just having a good time is wonderful. Everyone should enjoy this as much as me.

3. Dove Cream Oil Body Wash: Cherry Blossom and Almond scented. I'm in love with this body wash. I live in a house of testosterone so having my own body wash is a must. I can't go through the day smelling manly. I love the smell of this one and the fact that the scent lingers all day. Not only do I enjoy the scent, but it does leave my skin feeling all soft and silky (wanna feel?).

4. CBS Sunday Morning. This is a little tradition I started for myself several years ago. I used to do my grocery shopping on Sunday mornings because I was always up earlier than the rest of the family but got tired of lugging the grocery in alone and putting them away. So I began making myself a pot of River Market Blend coffee and watching CBS Sunday Morning. I adore the way the stories are shared and the humor of the reporters. If you haven't watched, take a Sunday morning, make yourself a pot of coffee (River Market Blend, if you can) and enjoy watching. You may just learn something.

5. Pedicures. If you've never had a pedicure, stop what you are doing right now and go get one. They are one of the most fabulous things ranking right up there with a good orgasm. Maybe you'll get lucky (like I did with my last one) and get someone new that really takes their time. I schedule mine once a month now.

6. Diamonds. I've recently come to realize I'm addicted to diamonds. I've always worn my diamond rings (my wedding set, the 25th wedding anniv ring my dad gave my mom, and the ring my darling husband gave me when I was pregnant with Bubba) but I've recently begun wearing diamond earrings and a diamond necklace. The earrings I got for Christmas last year and the necklace I bought myself from a pawn shop ($50 for a 1/2 carat). Now I want more! Many, many more!

7. Taking pictures with my new camera. I've probably annoyed my family to death with my constant photo taking. I'm addicted to trying to find that perfect shot. I've gotten some pretty good ones lately, a few that I plan to have matted and framed for the bathroom (I'm redoing it with a water to come soon).

I'm sure there are probably more of my favorite things but I'm just not thinking of them now and some that I haven't found yet. Take some time and think about what your favorite things are. If you don't have any, you can borrow some of mine.

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