Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Gooey is addicted to baby crack. He goes to the table and does his little Baby Crack Dance (formerly known as the Pringles Dance) until someone gives him some baby crack.

For those of you that are ready to call social services on me, we don't really give him crack. Baby Crack is what we call salt water taffy that we buy at Sam's Club by the truck load 5 lb. bag. It comes in all different flavors and Gooey loves them all.

After having his Baby Crack, he runs around the living room or front yard (depending on where he's at) and sugar buzzes. He has a funny little step he does while he's sugar buzzing that cracks me up. It's a both-arms-up-flailing-through-the-air run that reminds me a lot of the episode of Friends where Rachel was embarassed to run with Phoebe because of the way she ran.

I don't get embarassed by Gooey's run, though. I just get a good chuckle.

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