Friday, June 15, 2007


My darling husband saved up his nickels and dimes and bought himself a motorcycle. Yes, it was my money his money to spend as he pleased but I have to say I'm far less than happy about it. I'm more like petrified.

It's a 1978 Suzuki that was top of the line in it's day. The gentleman that owned it (yes, an honest to goodness one owner vehicle) passed away and the place where he always took it for servicing bought it from his estate. It's been extremely well cared for.

Needless to say, I've become a motorcycle widow. The moment he comes home from work (at least on the days I'm not slaving away at the coal mines at work), he takes off for a ride on his dear, darling motorcycle. He spends his other time cleaning and polishing it or adjusting something with the motor.

I wish he'd spend that kind of time cleaning and polishing me and adjusting my motor.

Anyway, I have to say I'm proud of him for accomplishing his goal of successfully completing the Motorcyclist Safety Program and getting his license. I'm also proud that he was able to save the money for the bike.

I'm just sad that I have to share him. I've dubbed his bike "The Other Woman".

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