Saturday, October 18, 2008


I haven't posted this previously because we weren't sure things were going to work out but we adopted a little girl. A little girl cat to be exact.

My friend, D, took her mom to get a new kitten last year at the animal shelter. They were wanting a kitten but discovered this beautiful 5 yr old cat that had lost her owner. The owner's son found that his father had passed away and the cat was crying on his lap. D and her mom decided to adopt her. Well, D's mom had to move away and couldn't take the cat. So, D convinced us to adopt her. I told her it would only be on a "let's see how it goes" basis.

So far, she's fitting in fine. We renamed her Kiki because it sounds like your saying "kitty kitty" really fast and she'll come to you. She's a beautiful long-haired cat and has a very sweet disposition. So far, she'll only stay upstairs but I'm going to work on getting her to come downstairs.

She's not a huge fan of dogs (D has 2 rather rambunctious dogs) so she steers clear of Ranger but they're slowly getting used to one another.

At least now I'm not the only female in the house. Go estrogen!!

PS. I'll post pictures of her soon. I haven't had time lately to catch her for one.

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