Monday, October 20, 2008


Like I said in yesterday's post, I spent the weekend with the in-laws. The in-laws aren't bad people, but the whole packing up a family of 4, hauling things 3 hours south of here, being jovial towards everyone after a 3 hour drive with a road-raging husband, a cranky 2 yr old and a bored teenager, doesn't make for a fun trip. What made it worse was repeating the whole process the next day to come home. I was exhausted.

So tonight, I threw all dietness to the wind and made The Pioneer Woman's Creamy Herb Potatoes. They were sinfully delicious and I know I probably packed on a good 2 lbs eating the small portion that I did eat. It's so worth it every once in a while and I justify it by telling myself my stressed mind needs it. Well, it does!

I recommend checking out all the other recipes on her website because they are so good. I'll warn you, though. If you're purposely trying NOT to block every artery in your body, don't make any of her recipes.

I had lots of leftovers if you want some. If not, I'm going to pop them in the freezer and save them for another stressful-in-need-of-creamy-goodness day, which will probably be tomorrow.

So I'm cutting this post short because now I have to go walk a few miles to get rid of the guilt.

OWL update: 42.1 lbs lost

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