Sunday, October 05, 2008


We spent the day yesterday at the Weston Apple Festival. The weather was gorgeous and we had a wonderful time, although we hardly saw any apples at all. Strange.

Gooey wanted the ride a pony at the pony rides but I knew that if we tried, he'd probably have a cow and end up not riding so we settled on petting a pony instead. I was really surprised he even got close.

After the festival activities, we went to Weston's statuary where we got to paint concrete apples. Even The Teenager got involved.

This was Gooey's first time painting and he really did a fabulous job, with a little help from Daddeee.

My great-niece was with us and her daddy was helping her paint her apple.

Daddeee and Gooey working on his apple.

We took a family photo near their pond. It was beautiful spot and other than my cheesy grin (I was trying to get everyone else to smile together), it's a pretty good photo.

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