Saturday, April 24, 2010


Boy has it ever been a busy week.

I got my car back. After close to $6000 worth of work, it's back to normal. Seriously, thanks to CarStar in Raytown, it is as close to the way it was before the wreck. They did spectacular work.

We've had other really exciting activities going on but I'm afraid to even speak of it -house- for fear I'll jinx it -house-.

We'll know more about it -house- Monday evening but until then, I'm not mentioning it -house-.

I spent this morning having eggs and pumpernickel toast with The Kid. We watched Handy Manny and looked through the grocery ads.

He's a joy to have breakfast with. He's such a morning child.

The rest of this weekend is going to be spent relaxing, doing a few chores, making some kabobs on the grill, and enjoying some of my favorite Apple Sangria.

And not thinking about it -house-.

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